Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest to Screen ‘An Inconvenient Time’ – Jewish Link NJ

Right from the start, Klein was compelled to record Ravina’s story. “The more I got to know Ruth and to learn about her inspiring life, the more I realized that her story needed to be shared with the world at large. And when Ruth and the few survivors left are no longer here, the responsibility is on us,” he said… READ MORE

New Documentary on Local Woman Survivor to Premiere – The Times of Israel

“Ruth’s incredible odyssey is a captivating and unique story of survival and triumph,” said Klein, whose production partners were Joe Schreiber of 3 Penny Films, and illustrator/animation supervisor Greg Betza. “Her message of ‘Never Again’ is even more important in this era of rising anti-Semitism.”READ MORE

An Inconvenient Time, the Story of Holocaust Survivor Ruth Ravina – Press Release

Ruth Ravina, a long-time Montclair resident, was 2 years old when the Nazis arrived in her hometown of Kozienice, Poland, in 1939. By the time the Russians liberated Poland, Ruth at the age of 7 survived countless tragedies, years on the run and three concentration camps… READ MORE

A Montclair Resident’s Story of Survival, Now On Film – The Times of Israel

“The way to keep the stories of the survivors alive is through documentaries, and through plays, and through feature films, and through books,” said Wind. “Otherwise the stories are going to fade.”


When Denny heard about Ravina’s life from his daughters in June 2013, he knew immediately that he wanted to record her. “I realized Ruth has a significant story that needed to be told,” he said…. READ MORE